23 May 2022


Established over 50 years ago, Driffield – based B.I. Halder Ltd has built an enviable reputation as a bulk haulier which really can deliver the goods – thanks in no small part to pursuing a fleet policy of continuous investment into only the very best trucks, all carefully chosen to perform with maximum efficiency and reliability. And now the company has turned to HARSH to complete the vehicles’ highly exacting specifications.

Halder’s latest 2022 additions include a DAF XG as well as further Scania R cab tractors, with all new units now being fitted with HARSH wet kits as standard.

“We like the HARSH tractor kit because it’s compact, practical, easy to use and maintain, and above all reliable” says  Transport Manager James Halder, adding “Today, a tractor and trailer is getting on for a combined £200k investment so having the best hydraulic system to make the whole thing work properly is absolutely paramount – after all, it’s only a small item in relation to the cost of the whole vehicle. 

We prefer the HARSH system not just because of its simple layout and long – proven reliability, but also for the fact that HARSH has a proper, hands-on aftersales support service in York that’s always there if we need it.” 

Principally serving the UK agriculture industry, B.I. Halder offers nationwide road haulage utilising both tipping trailers for bulk movements as well as curtainsiders for bagged deliveries. Working from a spacious seven acre site, Halder’s clients can also draw upon over 46,000sq.ft of storage capacity whether in silos or inside flat, fully ventilated warehouses complete with their own drying facilities. Maintaining their customer’s products in top condition is an absolute priority, a process that begins when the various commodities are first loaded into B.I. Halder’s extensive fleet of tipping trailers. And here HARSH provides a further helping hand with its range of ultra-durable sheeting systems.

“Trailers often get overlooked” says Managing Director Paul Halder, “but they are every bit as important as the tractors that pull them. The life of a trailer can be three times that of the tractor, so they need proper maintenance and upkeep. One crucial area is the sheet, which is not only has to open and close multiple times a day but also has to be robust enough and of sufficient material quality to cope with every weather condition from blazing hot summer days through to frozen winters. 

With the prices of new vehicles now rising steeply, it makes obvious sense to refurbish and update our trailers as and when needed. The most significant area here is that our tipping trailers are being fitted with replacement sheets as they reach their mid-life age.”

The sheets in question are the HARSH side to side Roll n’Go model, hydraulically driven via an electro-hydraulic powerpack. Operation is  by the driver using a remote control with his / her feet standing firmly on the ground. Produced entirely by The Tarpaulin Company (TTC) – HARSH’s dedicated sheeting business located at the HARSH HQ outside York – Roll n’Go is an all-purpose sheeting solution for all types of trucks and trailers. Made from tough,  crack – resistant, high density PVC material, Roll n’Go is now particularly popular on trailers used in agriculture and waste applications and also with rigid tippers employed on tarmac work.

“The HARSH Roll n’Go is an ideal product for keeping our trailers in tip-top working condition” adds Paul Halder, adding “it’s of crucial importance that our loads are kept secure and dry. We also like the fact that the sheet can be operated without the driver having to climb up onto any part of the truck. This not only speeds up the whole vehicle turnaround process, but offers important health and safety advantages as well.”

Now recognised as one of East Yorkshire’s most successful and enduring family – based road transport businesses, B.I. Halder Ltd now operates a fleet of 35 tractors and 50 trailers, the latest vehicle being a Scania R500 which began work just a week ago. Running top flight trucks also plays a big part in attracting and retaining drivers who, in turn, make every effort to look after their trucks and serve the company’s customers with the highest possible levels of care and professionalism.

“Having the best possible kit really does pay us back in the long run” says James Halder, “and we’re very happy to see HARSH making a key contribution to that end.”