About Us

HARSH is a family-owned business that manufactures, supplies, installs and services precision hydraulic equipment and truck components for the haulage, waste and agricultural industries.

In the USA, the ultimate home of HARSH, the man in charge is a third generation Mr Harsh, called Bob. Here in the UK, HARSH is also a family-owned company, run by its directors Grant, Carl and Adam

Ever since HARSH UK started off in the 1980s, we’ve put maximum emphasis on building relationships. Understanding our customers’ businesses. Listening, looking, learning. And understanding our customers as individuals.

We think that in an age when just about every mode of communication is becoming electronic, remote and impersonal, the ability to speak to people in clear voice, one-to-one, is more important than ever.

It’s just the way we are.

Latest news

16 Apr 2019


FOR AC AGGREGATES LTD, WEDNESDAYS ARE HARSH DAYS (THOUGH WITH A NEW SCANIA XT ATTACHED) With four new tippers recently joining its fleet (each one being delivered on successive Wednesdays), AC Aggregates Ltd of South Yorkshire is near to completing its 2019 fleet update programme, the company’s standard tipper specification being built around HARSH FE […]

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