25 September 2020


Despite all the problems posed by Covid, HARSH nonetheless continues to expand its aftersales service activities, whether by offering planned repair and maintenance contracts or providing ad hoc nationwide support when and where required. A recent convert to operating HARSH hookloaders and skiploaders, Remondis UK now chooses HARSH to carry out regular service support both for its latest HARSH units as well as the bodywork on older vehicles sourced from other manufacturers.

“Getting HARSH to do our service work has proved absolutely to be the right way to go” says Remondis’ Transport & Operations Manager Nick Shaw. “Obviously, HARSH knows its own equipment better than any third party, but what really counts is their speed and reliability of response. We entrust HARSH with all our routine six weekly bodywork checks, which includes routine greasing, oil checks and any replacement of parts. And if we need anything sorting in an urgent VOR situation, HARSH gives us the speedy and effective response that we need. HARSH therefore offers us an optimum backup solution, one that really contributes to the overall efficiency of our operation.

As a case in point, HARSH’s service engineer Stu Speck was here at 6am last Saturday morning to do the six weekly maintenance work and was finished by 9, thereby minimising our off-road downtime. Commitment like that speaks volumes in today’s business environment.”

Adam Hargreaves, HARSH’s managing director says “despite all the difficulties out there, we at HARSH are nonetheless placing maximum emphasis on developing and expanding all aspects of our nationwide service and aftersales support. 

Particularly in the waste and recycling sectors, trucks are running as hard as ever, so keeping them working as efficiently and productively as possible is of key importance. We’re delighted that not only has Remondis found improved performance by purchasing HARSH hookloaders, skiploaders and tractor wet kits, but also that we have been entrusted to service both these and other vehicles in their fleet as well. 

Remondis therefore offers perfect testimony to HARSH’s single solution service capability for operators in the waste and recycling sectors.”

Remondis is one of the world’s largest public service, waste handling and recycling companies, with over 30,000 employees in 35 countries. Here in the UK, the company operates from three sites – Doncaster, Birtley (Co. Durham) and Bedlington (Tyne & Wear). The company processes up to 300,000 tonnes of industrial and domestic waste per year, achieving a 99% level of recycling.

photos: Service Engineer Stu Speck attending to one of Remondis’ HARSH hookloaders at their Doncaster depot.