24 March 2020

HARSH is making the maximum possible effort to maintain its service to essential customers during this period.

HARSH remains committed to providing a vital, core level of service backup wherever and however it can. Whilst staying fully compliant with all government guidelines, HARSH is nonetheless able to offer operators emergency support as and when needed.

Whilst we have scaled back our operations and shut all non-essential activities, we are still able to offer support for existing service contracts and vehicles requiring emergency service. Just as there are many ‘key workers’ out there on whom we all depend, so too are there many ‘key vehicles’ providing similar duties, especially those working in the waste, recycling and environmental services industries. It is therefore our intention to provide support for those vehicles and their operators in any way that we can.

With HARSH’s York HQ operating on minimal staffing levels, the company is still able to accept goods inwards and dispatch certain goods in the normal way. However, deliveries will not always be guaranteed on a next day with the reduced service.

The best way to contact us is via telephone or email direct to specially nominated members of staff (see below). This way, we can guarantee the communication line remains open for the foreseeable future.

We will be monitoring the overall situation daily and will provide updates as appropriate. HARSH will fully reopen as soon as the Government advises that it is safe to do so.

These are very difficult times, so please stay safe and take care.

Key Contacts:

General Enquiries

Adam Hargreaves, t: 07894 616 228



Service & Repairs

Stu Speck, t: 07984 412 717



Pietro Natale, t: 01759 372100




Karen Bettsworth, t: 01759 372100