18 March 2020


Enva, one of the UK’s leading recycling and resource recovery businesses, has begun to fit HARSH Roll n’ Go side to side hydraulically operated sheeting systems to the high capacity waste trailers operating out of the company’s Linwood (Glasgow) depot. These new HARSH sheets replace the manually operated examples originally fitted to Enva’s 92cu.m capacity Legras walking floors.

Operated by the truck driver via full remote control, the HARSH system thereby removes any test of strength from the driver in having to manually wind or pull a 12m plus sheet across the top of the trailer. More importantly perhaps, with the HARSH system the driver now has no need at all to climb up onto the trailer to open or close the sheet – or even leave his / her vehicle cab.

“By eliminating any risk to the driver from strain or injury when operating the sheet, the HARSH system gives us clear and obvious safety advantages.” As the top of these trailers are over 15ft off the ground, anything that removes the need for a driver to be on the trailer at all has to be good news  says Irvine Morrison, Enva’s Head of Transport and Logistics, whilst also adding that “with the HARSH sheet the whole covering / uncovering process now takes mere seconds rather than the five or so minutes previously. It’s just a completely better way to go.”

Enva chose to go for hydraulic operation of its new sheets because of the system’s power, speed and promise of maximum in-service reliability. The sheet itself is made from hard wearing 900gsm vinyl, with the whole assembly being fitted to the trailers by Harsh’s local service dealer CCS Scotland Ltd in nearby Newhouse. The first of the new HARSH sheets went into service some eight months ago and has performed faultlessly, thereby encouraging Enva to adopt the system for all the company’s walking floor trailers running out of the Linwood site.

Our drivers love the HARSH sheets” confirms Irvine Morrison, “not least because if the weather’s cold, wet or windy they don’t have to be exposed to the elements by standing on a raised catwalk to open or close the roof of the trailer. Similarly, by being able to stay inside their cabs our drivers are now also out of risk from other traffic moving across busy depots or the sites where we tip out. 

Transporting waste is one of the most hazardous areas of road haulage, so we at Enva take every opportunity to reduce risk and improve safety across the whole working environment.”

Speaking for HARSH, Scottish Business Development Manager Colin Hayes says “This is a classic example as to how HARSH equipment can at the same time dramatically improve both safety and productivity, giving a true win – win situation for everyone. Not only do Enva’s drivers get real benefits in terms of safety and ease of use, but Enva the company also achieves faster turnaround and productivity from its trailers. 

Today HARSH offers a full range of tipping and bodywork equipment, each of which can bring its own particular operating benefits.”