20 May 2019

When their previous supplier of skiploaders and hooklifts moved out of the area, Ripon – based scrap metal firm K.A. Anderson (Metal Recyclers) Ltd decided to try its first ever HARSH unit – and hasn’t looked back since.

That vehicle was a 67 – reg MAN hookloader which, after a highly successful introduction, was soon followed by an 18t HARSH skiploader unit mounted on a Volvo FE chassis. In a particularly understated compliment, director Keith Anderson says “I can’t tell you that much about them because we’ve never had any issue with  our HARSH trucks. They do exactly what they’re supposed to do, without a hint of difficulty or unplanned downtime. And on that basis, we’ve now gone on to take another two HARSH hookloaders as well – the latest two vehicles joining the fleet just last week.”

Mounted on a pair of high power 460hp MAN 8×4 chassis, HARSH has carefully fine – tuned its HH26 hookloader specification so as to meet all of Anderson’s particular vehicle requirements.

Firstly, the addition of the HARSH variable width ‘Hook n’ Go’ sheeting system is seen as vital to providing secure coverage for all types and sizes of containers. Second, 360 degrees cameras have also been fitted (linking in with the onboard MAN Infotainment System), these providing not just maximum all – round safety and situational awareness but also to aid coupling to a trailer for 44t drawbar operation (the VBG coupling and all necessary air and electrical connections also being fitted by HARSH).

Other bespoke details include a custom – designed rear end shroud to protect the cameras and coupling from any falling scrap along with rubber mats installed at various points on the hookloader bodywork to provide similar levels of protection.

“Having a top flight vehicle specification significantly adds to their versatility” adds Keith. “For example, running with a trailer at 44 tonnes makes operating further afield much more viable than just with a solo unit. A big payload is worth going the extra distance for, and although we cover our Yorkshire area very well we often run up to Scotland or down to the South. It’s total vehicle performance that we’re really looking for!”

Started off in the 1970’s by Keith Anderson Snr from a small yard in Ripon, the company has grown into one of the UK’s leading privately owned ferrous and non – ferrous scrap metal processors, handling everything from industrial waste, metalwork and heavy machinery to breaking and baling scrap cars and commercial vehicles.

Handling over 3,000 tonnes of material a week, the company’s extensive 7 acre site in Ripon has now been augmented by a second large scale waste recycling site at Busby Stoop outside Thirsk.

Keith Snr’s sons Keith and Jim have run the company for the last 20 years, and sees no effective limit to its future potential. “Competition is always tough” he says, “but there’s no limit to the supply of materials. Our business has prospered by being practical and pragmatic, which are key benefits of a closely knit family – based organisation such as ours. In turn, we like to work with companies that have the same ethos as we do, and HARSH is a perfect example of this. They work the same way as our people do, with obvious commitment and personal responsibility – that’s something very much to be valued today.

HARSH is based in nearby York and Jason (Jason Bramall, HARSH Business Development Manager North) does a great job for us – after all, he speaks the same language as we do – with all our HARSH units performing to our highest expectations.”