12 November 2018


Long established as the preferred sheeting supplier for the Malcolm Group’s Construction division’s fleet, HARSH has now won similar approval with the walking floor trailers operated by Malcolm Logistics.  Malcolm Logistics offer fully integrated road, rail, warehousing and bonded warehousing services throughout the UK.

Ideal for carrying biomass and woodchip products, these hi-cube trailers provide a huge 112cm3 internal loadspace.
To achieve this capacity, the trailer sides are over 4m tall, a height which presents particular challenges for conventional sheeting systems.

Gavin Summers, Fleet Engineer for Malcolm Logistics explains:

‘Hi-cube walking floor trailers such as our Legras units are now far too tall for a driver to be able to look into the top of the trailer to see the sheet opening and closing over the load. From a Health & Safety point of view this is a good thing because the driver now has no reason at all to climb onto the vehicle to work the sheet.

In turn, high sided trailers force the driver to operate the sheet in the safest place possible -standing on the ground. And that really means electric operation, by hand -held full remote control. This way, the driver can stand away from the truck, look up, and visually confirm that the position of the sheet is where he or she wants it.
This is the system we have from HARSH, and it works a treat.”

With the first units supplied two years ago, the HARSH remote control Roll n’ Go fully electric sheeting system is now fitted as standard to all the latest -specification Malcolm Logistics walking floor trailers, over 20 of which are now in service.

Aside from the remote control operation, the Roll n’Go sheeting system offers other advantages too. The first is that it’s fast, needing only around 7 seconds to fully cover or uncover the open top of the trailer. Second, it offers full weather protection and load security -important when carrying products such as dry woodchip. And of similar importance, Roll n’Go is built with lightweight yet highly robust components, providing for reliable operation in all weather conditions from strong winds to hot sunshine.

As Gavin Summers notes:

“These trailers are used on intensive operations, principally moving biomass to power stations. As such, they may load and unload 4 or 5 times a day, every day. In this environment, all our transport equipment has to offer complete reliability, and with that the provision of around the clock back-up and support should we ever need it. We’re happy that HARSH has proven itself to be fully up to the mark.”

Aside from these side to side trailer sheets for the Logistics division, HARSH has been supplying the Malcolm Group business for over 15 years with a range of products including front to rear sheets for 8×4 tippers, front end tipping cylinders, tractor wet kits and skiploaders.

As Colin Hayes, HARSH’s regional manager for Scotland says “The Malcolm Group is one of the leading transport businesses in the UK, and we are delighted to be able to supply them with an ever wider range of HARSH products and services.”