21 September 2017


Harsh and Malcolm Construction of Glasgow have introduced something new in truck-based waste handling systems – a demountable skiploader.

Able to be loaded on and off a chassis fitted with a conventional hookloader system, the de-mount skiploader effectively doubles the vehicle’s operating versatility.

“With this vehicle, we can run it as a standard hookloader for one trip then quickly change it to a skiploader for its next job” says Malcolm’s Fleet Engineer Freddy MacAlister, adding “With one particular client, we’ve been using separate skiploader and hookloader vehicles side by side, whereas this vehicle can do all the work just by itself. As such, it’s really quite special.”

Designed to work with a 26 tonnes gvw 6×4 chassis, the Harsh HS14T de-mount skiploader affords a maximum 14 tonnes lift capacity along with 10 tonnes of lift at the full 4250mm reach of its telescopic arms. Built to CHEM TS16 standard and able to handle skips from 6 to 16 cu.yds, the unit itself weighs in at 4800kgs affording a useful total payload capacity of over 10 tonnes (well beyond the maximum that most skips ever actually reach).

In developing this new system, Harsh has also paid particular attention to making the skip unit’s operation as fast, easy and safe as possible. In addition to speedy mounting to the truck, a simple hydraulic ‘change-over’ system between the hooklift and skiploader systems has also been fitted.

Together with fully independent operation of both the unit’s landing feet and left and right extending telescopic arms, the truck’s driver can also execute all the functions of the skiploader by full radio remote control.

By allowing him / her to stand anywhere around the vehicle, skips can be loaded and unloaded with significantly greater precision and safety.

Reflecting on their unique vehicle, Malcolm Construction director Andrew Malcolm comments “The new HARSH de-mount skip system gives us a real productivity boost, it being ideal for trucks working on more intensive, shorter range duties where we need to be moving as many containers per day as possible. This type of work can change by the hour as we respond to incoming customer requests, so having one truck that can move both skips and hooklift bins is a real operating advantage.

Harsh has come up with an imaginative, intelligent product that’s absolutely ideal for our business.”

Speaking for Harsh, director Adam Hargreaves notes “We are delighted to have been able to create an entirely new operating solution for Malcolm Construction, now one of the UK’s leading construction and waste handling businesses. This is a great example not just of joint teamwork between customer and supplier, but also a clear demonstration of how Harsh is a real leader in being able to develop innovative and imaginative answers to individual customer requirements.”