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Pulltarp Crossbar

£202.00 exc VAT

  • Rear Crossbar suitable for Harsh Pulltarp Sheeting System
  • Lightweight design manufactured from Aluminium
  • 2540mm (100″) in length (can be cut down to suit body/tarp width)
  • Accepts hem tubed tarps


Pulltarp is a front-to-back sheeting system that pulls down the length of the vehicle body. The operation is similar to a kitchen blind, with a self-retracting spring to pull the sheet back into its powder-coated housing once released from the storage hooks.

Pulltarp is ideal for covering a range of multi-purpose tipper body designs, containers, skips or dropsided / caged bodies. It is commonly used on highways, utilities and waste-collection applications.

Pulltarp Features

Sheet bodies up to 7 metres in length, and choose between a large choice of sheet colours and styles. The Pulltarp kit is approximately 50kg in weight.

Meets all Health & Safety requirements
Front to back system that covers and contains loads via a spring loaded roller self-retracting roller
Ideal for covering asphalt, rubble, top soils etc
Lightweight design
Galvanised steel housing or Open housing