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MOSOR PK 3.0 Snow Plough

£7,425.00 exc VAT

Basic Specification
• Highly elastic multi segment snow ploughs with individual suspension of each wing
• 15” plough wing attack angle and 3m width
• Attached system with lifting cylinder for front plate (front plate not included) no attachment system
• Protection with snow from steel frame
• Norskal SRC slide pads – set 2
• Loader should have floating position arms
• Outline signalling with LEDs and electrical wiring
• Outline signally connector – 24v 7-pin according to ISO 1185
• Hydr couplings flat face couplings “flat face” ISO 16028 (these can be changed)
• Storage legs with axillary wheels 2 x
• strong lattice frame highly resistant to torsion and bending
• polyurethane connections between the beams and wings of the plough for effortless overriding of obstacles
and quiet work are especially useful when ploughing in cities
• automatic adjustment of the axial tilt of the plough according to the profile of the surface being cleared
• bearing element, holder of slide pads or caster wheels
• bearing element, holder for storage legs
• set of protective rubber aprons on plough wings
• marking flags
• side bumpers attached with nuts and bolts
• side outline lights with LEDs and the electrical installation
• CE certificate, declaration of conformity, GS mark,
• 1x instructions for use
• 1x spare parts catalogue
• Painted in Orange

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