Hooklift Trailer
ITRunner Hooklift Trailer


  • 1 year as standard on all fabricated structural items. 1 year parts and labour warranty on hydraulic components and sheeting system parts.
  • HITS repair and maintenance service packages available


  • Articulating or Telescopic arm
  • Wireless remote control
  • Cardan shaft drive
  • Hydraulic or air brakes
  • Leaf spring or air suspension
  • Self-steering axles / lifting axles
  • Wide range of tyre choices
  • Bodywork & sheeting systems to suit


  • ITR8.12 – 8-tonne lift to suit 12t gtw
  • ITR10.16 – 10-tonne lift to suit 16t gtw
  • ITR16.21/6 – 16-tonne lift to suit 21t gtw for 6mtr CHEM containers
  • ITR18.23/6 – 18-tonne lift to suit 21t gtw for 6mtr CHEM containers
  • ITR20.24 – 20-tonne lift to suit 24t gtw
  • ITR22.24 – 22-tonne lift to suit 24t gtw
  • ITR26.33 – 26-tonne lift to suit 33t gtw
  • ITR30.34 – 30-tonne lift to suit 34t gtw