23 December 2021


With ongoing disruption to normal business routines being caused by both COVID and Brexit, HARSH has nonetheless used 2021 to make major investments into its headquarters facilities. The aim has been to not only to boost its factory efficiency and throughput but also to help enhance its aftersales support to customers.

Principal among these developments are the introduction of a large gantry crane to speed up the off-loading of heavy equipment such as skiploader and hookloader bodywork prior to these units being fitted to their chassis.  The workshop at Full Sutton now includes a new, fully illuminated 15m inspection pit, whilst the outside ground area now has double the amount of concreted hard standing for truck parking whilst these chassis await fitting of bodywork or tipping gears.

“This has been an investment in excess of £250,000” says managing director Adam Hargreaves, “and we’ve further plans for 2022 that include extending some of our buildings to provide additional work space as well as introducing a one-way system around our whole site. When everything is taken together, we will see significantly enhanced efficiency and productivity throughout the whole factory system.”

As a particular example, the new inspection pit gives HARSH  technicians much easier access to the underside of tractor units when fitting the PTOs and pipework of tractor wet kits. The pit’s full 15m length also means that two or even three vehicles can be worked on simultaneously, with each job now taking less time too.

Although the market for new truck chassis remains difficult in terms of their supply, HARSH nonetheless has a considerable stock of vehicles awaiting fitting. “It’s important that the trucks we are looking after are cared for in the most professional manner, which means a properly concreted and drained hard standing area supported by 24hr security” adds Adam.

Whilst the HARSH HQ workshop has been busier than ever this year, so too has the company’s tarpaulin business that produces sheeting systems for truck, trailer and other bespoke applications. During 2021 HARSH has also expanded its parts and service activities, with particular emphasis being placed on increasing the uptake for repair and maintenance contracts with skiploaders and hookloaders.

Subtle changes have also been made to the company’s management structure too. Harry Hustler’s role has been expanded and re-titled to Business Development and Commercial Manager, Ian Blakeley takes on the new role of Operations Manager with Karen Bettsworth continuing as company Finance Manager.

“We’ve used 2021 wisely to sharpen up the whole operation” says Adam Hargreaves, adding “it would be unrealistic to expect that many of the difficulties in the marketplace are going to be resolved anytime soon, so we have adapted ourselves accordingly.

For 2022, HARSH is now in better shape than ever, which gives us real confidence to meet the various tasks ahead.”