31 August 2021

Needing to make further investment into its vehicles, specialist arborists and forestry management business Greenworx opted to take a different route from purchasing multiple examples of conventional trailers, instead opting for the HARSH UniLift IT-Runner hookloader system. That was over a year ago, and the intervening months has proved the move to have been an unqualified success.

“The obvious advantage is that the UniLift IT-Runner acts as the sole chassis for multiple body types” says Greenworx director Brett Skelton, “so we don’t have the unnecessary expense of having to buy complete new trailers. The system is very time-efficient too, as it’s much quicker to drop one body and pick up another than it is to disconnect and then re-connect all the electrics and hydraulics of the towing unit to various other trailers. The fact is that UniLift IT-Runner is a whole step ahead in terms of both purchasing economics and operating productivity.”

Towed by a 300hp Unimog for complete on/off-road capability, the twin axle ITR16.21/6 trailer has an unladen weight of just 4,900kgs. This provides Greenworx with a comfortable 13 tonnes payload allowance, well within the trailer’s 16 tonnes lift capacity from its heavy duty twin rams. Purpose – designed to carry CHEM Type 20 Spec containers, UniLift IT-Runner’s notably rugged construction delivers real reliability and durability, especially when being used in off-road work.

Reflecting the fact that UniLift is more of a system of operation rather than a single product, HARSH has also supplied Greenworx with the  demountable bodies that the trailer carries. For forestry applications, these include a flatbed fitted with bolsters and crane for carrying tree trunks and logs, as well as a high capacity bin body for carrying large volumes of finished woodchip.

Based in Darlington and now employing 17 people, Greenworx clients include everyone from households and private contractors to farmers and public utilities. “We’re always busy, and to cope with all the various jobs we do the ability to quickly change vehicle set-ups is a key factor for us” says Brett’s brother and co-director Ryan, adding “anything that speeds up our productivity, capability and efficiency is of obvious value. 

The HARSH UniLift IT-Runner does all of that, and we are particularly impressed that HARSH can also supply all the bodywork requirements we need as well.”