15 March 2021


Running over a dozen various models of skiploaders and hookloaders, Bristol – based McCarthy Marland nonetheless identified a particular  skiploader specification that would further add to their overall fleet productivity. Unfortunately though, no skiploader manufacturer could offer such a product off the shelf.

“An enquiry to HARSH started the ball rolling” says McCarthy Marland director Martin Williams. “To be honest, I was surprised that they were so interested, then even more impressed when they said that they would build exactly the skip unit we wanted. Most companies these days just wouldn’t do that – especially for a single unit.”

McCarthy’s requirement was unusual. The skiploader bodywork had to be small enough to fit on a 12t gvw chassis, yet big enough to handle and tip – off the rear hooks – a maximum size 12cu.yd skip container.

“For working around housing estates, typically where you also find heavily congested car parking, an 18 tonner is just too big” says Martin, adding that “if we are dropping skips off in driveways, an 18t tonner also sticks out too far into the road, thereby blocking traffic. In contrast a smaller, shorter 12 tonner is just ideal. It’s also much more manoeuvrable too, making it easier operate and therefore achieving a faster work rate. But we also wanted our 12 tonner to be able to handle really big 12cu.yd bins too, whether just for dropping off empty ones or else coming back laden with a typical low – weight payload such as cardboard, plastics or general household rubbish. 

HARSH was keen to take on the challenge and built us a unit with an extra 200mm deck length just so that we could carry those bigger skips. Fitted to a high quality MAN chassis, the end result is a truck that’s just perfect in every way.”

With an unladen weight of 6,500kgs, the new MAN with its HARSH HT10 bodywork is ideal for typical residential, landscape and small site work. Martin concludes that “we really like the fact that this little skipoader can still drop off any size of empty bin if our bigger 18 tonners are out working elsewhere. This HARSH truck really does give us something extra, and fully proves the validity of the lighter 12t vehicle in urban operations.”

In common with all HARSH skiploaders, the HT10 model is offered with a range of options including hand held remote control and sheeting. The former is of particular value in congested situations such as paths and driveways where the truck driver might have difficulty in getting to the standard lever controls. Remote control operation also allows the driver to stand behind the truck to ensure that the loading / unloading sequence is entirely safe and presents no dangers to third parties.

Speaking for HARSH, Business Development Manager Harry Hustler comments “We’ve been delighted to have produced exactly the truck that Martin really wanted. At HARSH, we are fully committed to give any truck operator the best possible solution for any vehicle application, whether that be a skiploader, hookloader or tipper. Their new 12 tonner really does offer McCarthy Marland a significant extra level of versatility and productivity. 

In the light truck sector, the HARSH HT10 is in a class of its own, opening up new opportunities for skiploader operators everywhere.”