18 November 2019

One of Scotland’s leading specialist providers of demolition, asbestos removal, recycling and skip hire services, Central Demolition Ltd and its subsidiary Central Skip Hire have just put into service their first HARSH hookloader and already the vehicle is delivering some clear operating advantages.

With the popular MAN 8×4 chassis fully proven in arduous operating conditions, the addition of HARSH HH26 hookloader bodywork creates a truck that’s ideal for Central in surmounting all the rigours of working in demolition, waste handling and recycling.

“The combination of HARSH and MAN makes for a really good hookloader, whether working off-road or out on the highway” says Central’s fleet manager Murray Brodie, adding “it’s easy to see that both the bodywork and the chassis are rugged, heavy duty designs offering real strength and reliability. Typically this truck will work in and out of uneven, off-road sites dropping off empty containers before loading fully laden ones for the return journey. Conditions like these place enormous demands on chassis and bodywork alike, especially their rear ends when heavy bins are being hauled up off the ground.

This first HARSH unit is already proving to be an outstanding performer in our fleet.”

With the proven strength and ruggedness of HARSH hookloaders already a ‘given’, further added advantages of the latest HH26 model include high power main lifting cylinders to help deliver a faster operating cycle as well as width – adjustable sheeting to suit every type and size of container. Further, the HARSH – designed control box inside the cab helps the driver by making the whole loading / unloading cycle as easy, intuitive and safe as possible.

Built to CHEM TS17 standard and suitable for all TS8 containers with up to 5790mm internal length, the HARSH TS26 hookloader is built around a low profile ‘Z’ frame design that offers both a high 52 degree tipping angle as well as an industry – leading lower centre of gravity. Competitive on unladen weight, HARSH / MAN hookoaders delivers notably good on-road stability when carrying maximum capacity containers.

All of which are good reasons why HARSH’s top hookloader model gets a firm ‘thumbs up’ from truck driver Scott Robertson who says “The HARSH is particularly easy to use. The controls are simple and well laid out, and the whole system just works faster than the one on my previous truck. The HARSH model just seems a better, more practical piece of kit.”

Founded with just one vehicle and a single machine just over 25 years ago, today’s Central Demolition Ltd employs over 200 people working alongside an equipment list that includes over 30 hi-spec heavy trucks and 100 –  plus pieces of plant and specialist machinery.

The company’s latest large scale investment is the installation of a bespoke recycling plant at its Bonnybridge HQ that will help achieve the Scottish Government’s ‘zero to landfill’ target by 2023.