30 September 2019


By placing increasing emphasis on providing local sales and service support, HARSH is now winning significantly increased business right across the UK, and  no truck operator better illustrates this trend than Brian Easey Transport Ltd of Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Operating 20 top of the range tractor units working with a wide variety of trailers, the company’s latest ’69’ registered Scania R500 6×2 tractor unit is the first in the fleet to be fitted with a HARSH wet kit, thanks in no small part to HARSH’s local service facility in nearby Wisbech.

As Brian Easey says “With HARSH being able to provide a comprehensive fitting and backup service almost on our doorstep, it made perfect sense for us to send our latest tractor unit to them for its wet kit. We sat down with HARSH’s Business Development Manager Harry Hustler and designed a simple, 2 – pipe system that’s above all practical and easy to use. The end result is ideal, giving particular advantages over other models we’ve had in the past. An obvious one is the in-cab switch to change flow pressures required by different types of trailers – this way the driver doesn’t have to be outside the cab on a dark and rainy day working manual levels or taps. 

Another is that the HARSH tractor kit installation results in a vehicle that’s fully Type Approved, which significantly adds to our confidence in choosing HARSH over other makes.”

Founded in 2000, Brian Easey Transport specialises in a wide variety of UK bulk transport work that includes moving liquid and solid wastes, biofuels and aggregates. In turn, these operations necessitate a highly versatile trailer fleet that includes ADR tankers, walking floors, vacuum tanks and open top tippers. As a result, a key requirement of the tractor’s wet kit is to work equally well with them all.

The third Scania ‘Next Generation’ tractor to join the Brian Easey fleet, all follow a similar specification that includes a weight saving mid axle fitted with 17.5” wheels. As an added bonus, the smaller wheels also allow a valuable amount of extra chassis space, often important when fitting additional equipment for tipper and tanker work.

In addition to HARSH’s compact 200 litre side mounted alloy oil tank, Easey’s latest tractor also features custom built nearside and offside storage lockers with both chequerplated top surfaces and chassis infill. A particular example as to the level of thought put into the whole installation, the hydraulic tank was mounted rearwards of the toolbox locker not just to maximise the toolbox size, but also to shift the extra weight of the hydraulic oil that bit further back on the chassis.

Harry Hustler notes that “whilst the HARSH wet kit provided to Brian Easey is a bespoke configuration to suit their multi-trailer needs, HARSH offers a full range of kits to suit all current makes and models of tractor units. Whatever the truck, trailer or their intended application, our in-house technical team offers not only an optimum hydraulics package but a complete vehicle Type Approval process to go with it.”

Predominately working for major PLCs, Brian Easey Transport prides itself on delivering the highest possible levels of service, in particular with its ability to meet often urgent or changing customer requirements. As Business Development Manager Stuart Reed says “Versatility and practicality are the real hallmarks of our business – our firmly ‘hands on’ approach enables us to react to changing customer requirements that bigger competitors often can’t match. 

Using top quality trucks and trailers also maximises our reliability and overall level of service.“

With the ‘HARSH Local’ concept now fully established in Wisbech, HARSH joins Scania’s Ely – based TruckEast dealership in offering Brian Easey Transport a truly first class level of service and support.

Over succeeding months, the HARSH Local programme will continue to be rolled out at more locations across the UK.