Robinson’s Tipping to the MAX

Two Renault 8×4 tippers were spotted outside HARSH’s headquarters near York dropping off ‘biosolids’ to local farmer, Richard Nightingale.

They were both fitted with HARSH’s SU (Stabilized Underfloor) Tipping Gears, along with our Roll ‘N’ Go Side to Side Sheeting System which matched the vibrant orange paintwork of the 32 tonne eight wheelers.

Robinson’s were delivering on behalf of Yorkshire Water, and they cover the distribution of sludge to the whole county’s agricultural and horticulture companies. Yearly operations can total in excess of 380 tonnes, as they have the contract to move all of the council’s by-products from the water treatment process, taking Robinson’s as far south as Essex, and all the way into Scotland.

When the wagons arrived on site, the driver quickly engaged the Roll ‘N’ Go system to open up the top of the tipper. By offering 100% load protection, Robinson’s can guarantee the whole load will arrive at its destination dry, warm, and without any spillages. Not only is the system speedy, it’s also safe. The lightweight automated side roll system is operated via a wireless remote which can be operated from within the cab or up to 150ft away.

The load was then pushed into the air by the underfloor hydraulic ram. The specific gear in question was the K110 SU Model which is unrivalled in its class. Being the strongest, most rigid, most stable and safest on the market; its understandable why Robinson’s chose HARSH’s most prestigious type of gear for their fleet. The load was emptied in a very short period of time and before we knew it, they were unloaded, re-covered and back on the road for the next job.

After speaking to Neil Fewlass, director at Robinson Contract Services, he explained business was as busy as ever. They have extended their fleet of tippers over the years to 22, and have 30-35 sub-contracted lorries working alongside their own. All of his fleet have HARSH gears fitted, whether that being Underfloor or Front End, and the majority of his tippers have HARSH sheets too. Neil finished his conversation by explaining how, since 2002, he has never had an issue with any of his HARSH products, and is extremely happy with everything we’ve done for him over the years.