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HT – Hooklift Trailer


The HARSH ITRunner is all based around efficiency.

One ITRunner Hooklift Trailer can carry out a multitude of jobs by attaching different bodies for different tasks; saving money, labour, fuel and time.

HT Core Benefits:

      • Multi – Body Functions
      • Multi – Purpose Functions
      • Truck Replacement

Multi – Body Functions

The HARSH ITRunner can reduce your operational costs significantly by eliminating the need for additional tractors, trailers and staff. By using a series of containers which can be dropped absolutely anywhere; one tractor, one trailer and one driver can do the work of many more on its own.

Multi – Purpose Functions

One single HARSH ITRunner unit has the ability to carry out a number of different jobs by using a separate body for each task. From a muck spreader to water bowser; timber forwarder to a low loader; grain body to a dump body; attach whatever body you require for any activity, as and when you need it.

Truck Replacement

The HARSH ITRunner is built to British CHEM standards, making it fully compatible with all commercial hooklift vehicle containers. For people who work in both farming and construction, the HARSH ITRunner is a perfect hybrid allowing you to do both operations, meaning a truck is not needed for your site.

The versatility of this system is second to none.

Information & Technical Details

ITRunner features and benefits

  • Over 1,000 units manufactured and sold into mainland Europe
  • Built from Weldox and Domex steel, making it strong yet light
  • Tip and lift capacities ranging from 8 tonnes to 30 tonnes
  • Wide diameter rear rollers with container guides and large roller edges, allowing for safer loading/unloading and container alignment
  • Built to British CHEM standards, allowing full compatibility with all standard UK commercial Hooklift containers/bins.
  • Endorsed by the Farming Simulator video game franchise, with millions of copies being sold worldwide. The ITRunner is a focal point of game play due to its cost saving efficiencies.


Model Tip / Lift Capacity (T) GTW (T) Articulating Arm Telescopic Arm Number of Axles
ITR 8.12 10 12 2
ITR 10.16 10 16 2
ITR 16.21 16 21 2
ITR 18.23 18 23 2
ITR 20.24 20 24 2
ITR 22.23 22 23 2
ITR 22.33 22 33 3
ITR 26.33 26 33 3
ITR 30.34 30 34 3


  • Full Hydraulic Suspension
  • Air & Oil Brakes
  • Wireless Radio Control
  • Self-Steering Axle
  • Lifting Axles
  • LED Lights
  • D/A Hydraulic feed to the rear for container Tail-Door
  • Cardan Connection for the powering of Spreading Containers


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Unique Advantages & Features

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