Introducing the Superman Mesh from ANY TARPS.

When it comes to covering a load there is simply no better solution than a Superman Mesh from HARSH.

In the toughest of environments, reliability and efficiency are two key factors for waster handlers. When securing a load, ensuring obscure and sharp objects don’t damage the legally required cover is a priority. Damage could allow loose objects to fall out of the container and cause injury. Not only this, but repairing the damaged cover will incur more costs and potentially put the vehicle out of action whilst a repair or replacement takes place.

So what makes a HARSH Superman Mesh so SUPER?

The answer derives from a German chemist called Eugen Baumann. In 1872 he accidently synthesised a chemical commonly known today as PVC. This, when coated onto woven polyester fibres makes an incredibly strong material which is flexible, light and practically unbreakable.

Our skilled staff can attach 600/900gsm vinyl tarpaulin to the Superman Mesh which makes it even stronger and provides an additional wear patch, plus giving a choice of colours to the design as well. What makes this practice really clever though is how we do it. When attaching tarpaulin to standard mesh the only way to achieve this is by using the traditional approach of sewing them together. When attaching tarpaulin to Superman Mesh, we can actually weld it tight using an incredibly hot ‘overlap welder’. By reaching temperatures up to 700˚C, the two compounds are melted together to create a super strong bond. This can be achieved because the Superman Mesh contains thermoplastic molecules, allowing it to be subjected to high heat in order to re-shape. Standard mesh would simply melt into a puddle of plastic if this type of heat was applied to it, hence why sewing is the only option.

We have the solution to reduce your replacement tarp costs. Give us a call for a Super competitive price on bespoke build vinyl tarps or mesh. Alternatively visit our ANY TARPS eBay store for stock tarps to suit Hookloader and Skiploader applications.